Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette

Hi Beauties!
I’m so excited to talk about the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette with you guys! This is a palette that I have been dying to get my hands on since it was first announced.


I remember buying the first palette Morphe and Jaclyn Hill came out with. It was a favorites palette so it had all of Jaclyn’s favorite Morphe eyeshadows in it. I still love and use that palette! (It is no longer available but if you want to know what shades are in it just let me know and I can put a blog up for you.)


So when I heard about this palette I knew I had to get it. Knowing that Jaclyn had creative control over this palette and how it kept getting delayed because they wanted to make it perfect, that just made me more excited because I knew all the work would pay off and the palette would be amazing.

This palette has 35 brand new shades. With this palette Morphe did change the formula. I have always loved Morphe and the quality is great but with this palette the quality of the shadows is amazing. It’s the best formula yet from Morphe. Each shade blends out seamlessly and looks flawless on the eye.


The colors in the palette are gorgeous, they just pop! I absolutely love them. The blue and purple shades caught my eye and I could wait to try them. They definitely did not disappoint me! They are bright and beautiful. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with this palette.


The packaging is also different from the normal black plastic packaging. It is now has a white chic cardboard packing. The color just screams Jaclyn Hill. On the back of the packing is has “JH” all over. Inside is a note from Jaclyn and on the back of the box is another note from Jaclyn and pictures of her. I really like how the packaging is different for this collaboration.


The only one complaint I’ve had about this palette is that there is no matte cream shade to set eyeshadow or use for a base. I always use a cream shade no matter what look I’m doing so I was disappointed in this but it does not take away from how much I love this palette. I’ve already started making dents in some of the shadows.

I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! If you’re curious about the palette I say buy it! It is currently out of stock but it will be back in stock sometime in August. With how well this palette is doing I’m sure Morphe and Jaclyn will team up again and make something else just as amazing.
Let me know if you guys have tried this palette and what your thoughts are on it. I want to hear if you’re loving this palette as much as I am.
Thank you so much for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza 



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