May BoxyCharm

Hi Loves, here is my review of the May Boxy Charm. I really excited about this box because it came with new brow products that I am obsessing over!

Brow Gal Convertible Brow: 02- This brow trio comes with 3 shades to allow you to get a perfect color match. This product is the best brow powder that I have tried. It makes my eyebrows look naturally filled in. My eyebrows have honestly never looked better! You can also add water to the powder to turn it into a pomade for your brows, I haven’t tried it this way but I definitely will to see the difference. Price $35

Brow Gal Brow Brush-This brush is double ended with an eyebrow brush on one side and a spoolie on the other. The brush is very thin allowing me to create more natural eyebrow strokes. So far this is my favorite eyebrow brush. I can easily create a quick and natural eyebrow with this brush. Price $14

The Brow Gal Convertible Brow and Brow Brush are seriously a match made in heaven. They work amazing together and I will purchase both products! #BrowGameStrong 💪🏼

IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Powder Kit-  When I first used this palette I was hesitant on how well the shades would blend out. At first swatch the powders were very soft and pigmented. Some powder highlight shades tend to blend into the skin and not brighten up the face but these brighten up the face naturally without a cakey look to the skin. The contour shades blend out easily and really help to carve out the cheekbones. Price $40

Crown Brushes Round Contour Brush- This brush is similar in style to the artis brush. The brush makes my foundation go on very naturally and streak free. But I wouldn’t recommend this brush with dry skin. When I used this brush I did have dry skin and throughout the day I noticed my foundation wore out quickly and clung to my dry spots. I do not have this issue with a beauty sponge mainly because the hydration I get from it because the water. Price $25

Temptu Liquid Glow- I am loving these liquid drops. They can be mixed into your foundation giving you an amazing glow to your skin or it can be used as a highlight. I love using these as a highlight because it makes your glow look extremely natural and dewy. It also does not move through the day, so there’s no need to set with a powder highlight or you can if you want an extra pop! This will definitely be my go to highlight for dewy look. I found that applying this with a beauty sponge is key to getting the highlight look natural and blended into the skin. Price $29.50

The complete total of this box comes out to be over $140! That’s such a deal and I only paid $21 for the box. This box was perfect to start the summer off with. I got great brow products, a poppin highlight and blendable contour & highlight kit. Bring on next June’s box, I’m excited! 

I hope you all liked this post. Thank you for reading! 




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