Makeup Geek Contour Powders

Hey my Beauties,

I have been using the Makeup Geek Contour powders for a while now and they have replaced all my other contour powders.


These powders are always the first contour powders that I reach for. Makeup Geek has 8 powders with cool and warm tone shades that range from light to dark. They are great for so many  skin tones. I can use these for contouring and also bronzing because of the shade range. I did buy all 8 shades(they were on sale for a good price so I couldn’t resist!). I’m glad that I did get all the shades because it gives me a variety to work to especially if I want a stronger or lighter contour.

Each shade is very pigmented and blends out so nicely. After the powder is bended out it looks natural on the skin and it doesn’t leave any harsh lines which is good because it makes it easier for you to apply. I have even used the darker shades but I use a very light hand and blend it out!


Each color is sold in a pan or in a compact. For a single pan shade it’s $10 and for the pan in a compact it’s $15. To me I think its easier to buy and store the pans in a magnetic palette plus it’s also more cost friendly, but everyone has their own preference. I do like that MUG gives you the option of both.

I keep all 8 shades in a double sided Z palette from Sephora. It makes it so much easier to store and find when I need them. On the other side of the Z palette I keep my MUG blushes and eyeshadows. Storing all my MUG products in one palette helps keep me organized and it is also perfect to travel with because everything I need is all together.

These powders have been a game changer for me and I don’t see myself using another contour powder anytime soon. I hoped you guys like this blog. Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza



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