Tarte- Happy Girls Shine Brighter Palette 

I have been using Tarte palettes lately and the Happy Girls Shine Brighter palette has been the newest one I have been using.


This palette is part of the Double Duty Beauty Collection. It contains 3 matte shadows, 3 shimmer shadows and a blush, 2 of the shadows can also double as a highlighter depending on your skin tone. The quality of the shadows are great. At first the darker colors worried me because I thought they wouldn’t blend well. However, the black and brown blended out very easily. I like using sweetie(black) as eyeliner for a softer look.


The shimmer in the palette are very pretty and last throughout the day without any primer. For the dark matte shades I would wear a primer with to make the color pop more and to make sure the color last because it does tend to fade away throughout the day.


The packaging on this palette is cute! I like that it’s a compact palette and opens up like a book with a mirror on one side and shadows on the other. The blush in this palette has shimmer added to it which helps to give the face dimension. With this blush I like it alone or as a blush topper, just depending on the look I’m going for that day.

My only complaint with this palette is that there is no crease color. For me it is hard to make a complete eye look with the palette because of the lack of transition color. You can easily just use the a shimmer on the lid or the lighter shade with a darker outer corner for a look, but I still prefer a color to blend into my crease no matter what look I’m going for.

Overall I really do like this palette. All the shades are pigmented, they blend out very easily and some shades can also be used as highlighters.

I hoped you liked this review. Leave me comments and let me know if you’ve tried out this palette.

Xoxo, Claritza


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