Morphe Copper Spice and Bronzed Mocha Palette

Morphe came out with two amazing limited edition palettes. Copper Spice(25A) and Bronzed Mocha(25B) are the newest additions to the Morphe Collection. These two palettes are currently unavailable, but hopefully they will be restocked soon.

With these palettes Morphe went in a different direction with the packaging. The palettes are square, has a clear lid that allows you to see the shadows and the boxes also show a picture of the palette and the palette name. The original packaging has a black lid with the palette name on the back. The box is black with the Morphe logo and the name of the palette on the corner of the box. The clear front made it easier to find in my palette drawer and also to know which palette I was using instead of having to turn over every palette to look at the name.

I feel like every time Morphe comes out with a new palette the quality of the shadows keeps on getting better. I did not have an issue with any one of the shades in either palette. The matte shades are all pigmented, soft and very blendable, that is something that I look for in matte shades because all eyeshadows are not created equal! The matte shades are buildable which I love because it allows you to get the desired color that you want. The shimmer shades are amazing! They are extremely pigmented and creamy. With one application you get a lot of color payoff. I didn’t have any issues with any of these colors creasing or not lasting throughout the day. I also did not experience fallout with either palette.

Copper Spice

Morphe shadows are comparable to other higher end brands. The amount of pigment and how easy it is to blend these shades makes it easy for me to buy Morphe over other brands. Also, because of the amount of shades you get in one palette. In each palette there are 25 shades. I paid $35 for both palettes which is 50 eyeshadows! I love Morphe for that reason, they are extremely affordable and the quality is amazing.

It has been hard to put these palettes down since I got them. They have so many shades between both palettes, it makes it easy to create so many different eye looks. Morphe has stepped up the quality even more with these palettes and it’s crazy to think that because the shadows were already great.  I’m excited to see what they come out with next.





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