Smashbox Mini Photo Matte Eyes

This palette is just one of the many that I bought for my birthday haul. I bought the Smashbox Mini Matte because let’s be honest you can never have too many matte or neutral tone palettes.

The Smashbox Mini Photo Matte Eyes is a smaller version of the Photo Matte Eyes which contains 14 eyeshadows and full size brush. This palette contains 8 shadows.

The shadows are all neutral colors that will work for all skin tones. The shadows are very creamy, easy to apply and blend out. The size of this palette makes it easy to store and to travel with. The shades range from a light vanilla to dark brown and a grey.

I would definitely recommend this palette especially to someone just starting to get into makeup or to someone who goes very simple with their makeup. You can create simple looks or even a smoky eye with the grey or dark brown. The darker shades can also be used for eyeliner or for filling in your brows. This palette like many others are very universal. Remember that their are no rules to makeup and you can use palettes for so many other uses.

Now for the swatches! Sorry if it’s hard to see some of the shadows, they are pigmented shadows but they just happen to be similar to my skin color.

I really hope you guys like this post. There will be more soon!


Claritza 😘


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