Colourpop x Hello Kitty-Lippies

Hi Beauties!

I have another collab review that I wanted to share with you guys. Colourpop and Hello Kitty teamed up to release a limited edition collection. The collection has a variety of colors and products that were released on November 1(Hello Kitty’s Birthday) and are still available.



The packaging for these products are adorable and really show off the Hello Kitty collection.

I have always been a fan of Hello Kitty since I was little so when this collection launched it was pretty much a dream come true for me! I decided to buy 6 lip products to try them out.


Let’s Play- Is a Satin Luxe, it’s different than any other lipstick I own. It is a true red with red glitter. When applied you can see the glitter on the lips. I thought with the glitter it wouldn’t apply smooth or evenly, but even with the glitter it applies like any other colourpop lipstick.

Date Mate- Is a Matte X formula, which is my favorite formula from Colourpops lipsticks. It is a bright pink color. It’s matte on the lips, but applies very creamy and last all day. It does transfer when drinking or eating because it is not a liquid lipstick. It’s very comfortable to wear and doesn’t dry out the lips.

Konichiwa- Is a Creme formula. The shade is a nudish pink. It’s perfect for every day wear and it is a cream so when its applied it gives a glossy look to the lips. It does wear off faster than the other two lip colors, but its easy to apply and is more natural than the other colors in the collection


Lock Diary- Is a Ultra Satin shade formula. It’s a bright fuchsia shade.  The satin formulas look matte but do not completely dry down. They do transfer slightly when eating or drinking. Since they don’t dry all the way, they are comfortable to wear and do not dry out your lips.

Tiny Chum-Is also a Ultra Satin. The color is a light pink nude shade. This color is more of an every day color. The good thing about all these shades is that they will look good on so many different skin tones. The Ultra Satins are more of a mousse texture compared to the liquid lipsticks which are more of a watery consistency.

Surprise- This is a ultra metallic lip. It is a bight red with red glitter in it. When it’s applied on the lips the specks of glitter do not show and it gives off a red metallic lip color. I think this color is perfect for the holidays and I cannot wait to wear it. The formula is similar to a Ultra Satin because it doesn’t completely dry and does transfer.


So far this is all the products I’ve bought from the collection and I will be buying more items before they are all gone. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza



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