Mac Trolls Beauty Powder

Hey Loves,

Mac at Macy’s has some of the trolls collection half off so I picked up the Mac trolls Beauty Powders. (Some of the trolls collection is still on sale at some Macy’s and online).


The special packaging for the trolls collection is super cute, I love the bright pink compact it comes in.

I picked up the 2 beauty powders in the shades Glow Rida and Play it Proper. These beauty powders have a light shimmer in them. They can be used as a highlight, an all over face powder and even a light blush depending on your skin tone.

Glow Rida is the golden tan color and on my skin the color doesn’t show up very well  because it is close to my skin tone, but the shimmer still does. It looks good as a highlight or to put all over the face because it gives a nice and natural glow to the skin.

Play it Proper is the pink shade and this shows up more on my skin tone and it looks good as a highlight, but not as an over all color since it is a light pink it looks slightly chalky on my face, but this is because of my skin tone.


If you’re looking for a bright highlight these are not going to be for you. Since they are a beauty powder the shimmer is more subtle and is perfect for everyday wear or if you want a light highlight.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza



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