October BoxyCharm UnBoxing

Octobers theme was Bazaar which matched well with the month of October and Halloween. This month came with 5-full size products for only $21.


Briogeo Blow Dry Heat Protectant- This product is aimed to tame frizz and protect hair from spilt ends due to blow drying your hair. The product smells great although I have not tired it yet because I been air drying my hair for months, but once the weather starts getting cold I will see how well this product works.

Temptu Shimmer Bronzer- This is for the airbrush makeup, but it can be used without the airbrush which I know many people get confused about. This bronzer blends out very easily with a brush or using your fingers. Once the product is dry it doesn’t move at all. It doesn’t feel like you are wearing bronzer because it’s a very light weight formula. It does have a shimmer to it so if you like matte bronzers better this may not be the product for you. I actually showered with a swatch of it on my hand and it stayed on until I started to rub it off. This is definitely going to be long wearing and sweat proof.

In the picture below I swatched the bronzer and blended it out so you can see what it looks like both ways. It looks seamless once its completely blended out onto the skin.


Luxie Beauty Eye Blending Trio- In this box Luxie included a 3 piece blending brush set. It included brushes 205, 229, 237. All brushes are extremely soft and help to create a blended eyeshadow look. I do really like Luxie Brushes they are cruelty and make applying eyeshadow so easy.

Japonesque Pro Performance Lip-02- Sadly I was disappointed in this product. It swatched a nice color but when I applied it to my lips, this was definitely not my color. It has a lot of glitter in the product which I did not like and it just looked messy when it was applied. The formula was slightly slippery  and it is more of a cream consistency.


IBY Beauty Threes Company Trio-  This Trio surprised me, I have never heard of this brand before, but I will be checking into other products. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and soft. The shadows went on smoothly and were easy to blend out.  I created a complete eye look with this palette and I loved the way it came out!


This months box came out to a total of $128 and the box only cost me $21. That is still cheaper than the Luxie Brush Set. My favorite products are definitely the Luxie Brushes and the eyeshadow trio. They make applying eyeshadow so much easier, not to mention they are just so pretty to look at.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza


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