Essence Haul

A few weeks ago I hauled a few Essence products from Ulta and Target. Yes, you can finally find Essence products at Targets. Not all carry essence Products but most do.


I tried the blush up (20-pinky flow) and the silky touch(20-babydoll) blush. And I really like both of them. The blushes are pigmented and apply easily. They are not powdery at all. When swatched the colors had a sheen to them but when it was applied to the face their was none. The blush up is an ombre blush. I swatched it from left to right. Left has the darker color, the middle has the two mixed together and the right is the lightest shade.

The eyeliner brush is only $2 and it is actually my favorite eyeliner brush. I started using it to apply my brow powder and I like the way it applys the products. It has a small angled which is easy to control.

I was curious to try the lash powder because I had the 3D fiber mascara from Younique and I loved the way it made my lashes look. The essence powder is very messy. The powder comes in a container which doesn’t make it the easiest to pick up with the wand.
The way the powder works is you have to apply your normal mascara and while the mascara is still wet apply the powder then go over with your mascara to hold the fibers in the place and build up the length and volume.
I didn’t notice a huge difference in my lashes while using the powder. The fallout of the powder was terrible! If you are using this product I would recommend applying your face makeup after the powder is applied because it got all over my face. On the packaging it says not for contact wearers because the fibers can get in your eyes. I wasn’t wearing contacts and some of the fibers did get in my eyes and it hurts. I don’t recommend this product but if you are curious to try it I say go for it because it is affordable and hopefully you have a better experience than I did with this product.


This highlight quickly became my new favorite inexpensive highlight. It is in the shade 10-be my highlight. It applies evenly and gives off a golden glow to the skin. Its not too metallic but it is still noticeable on the skin. It will work for simple or no makeup days and also for more glam days.


Finding matte bronzers at the drugstore that I like is hard  for me to find. This bronzer is my favorite from the drugstore. It comes with a lot of product for only a few dollars. I actually did find this product at target along with the Blush Up blush. I have the shade 01-natural for lighter skin. I use a stippling brush to apply this bronzer and it blends seamlessly onto the skin. No harsh lines and it looks like your skin has a natural bronze to the skin.

I really do like essence. They have great products for amazing prices and it is truly a brand everyone can afford and that makes me like it so much more. I would definitely recommend trying out their products if you haven’t yet.

Xoxo, Claritza


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