Maybeline Better Skin Collection

Maybeline Better Skin Collection includes a foundation, concealer and a skin transforming powder

The foundation has SPF 15 in it. I didn’t find that it oxidized after a little bit of wearing it. The coverage is a light but natural coverage. It doesn’t cover all my blemishes, but it’s nice if you want a light coverage. It says it will improve your natural skin after 3 weeks I didn’t wear it straight for 3 weeks I wore it for 1 1/2 and I didn’t notice any improvements in my skin. I did like this foundation, however it is not my favorite foundation because I do like a little more coverage in my foundation. I do like wearing it on a day when I just wear foundation because it gives me a natural look.

The concealer its a watery formula that applies nicely and blends out easily. I really like to use this foundation to highlight under my eyes. I have to use a setting powder to bake underneath my eyes or I find that this concealer will crease. As long as I bake I notice that I don’t have any issues.

The powder is soft and blends well into the skin. The first time I wore this powder I put too much on and it was caking around my nose and the dry spots on my forehead. The next time I used this powder I made sure to apply a light coverage and it holds the makeup in place all day. I have also used this powder with other foundations and it smoothes out my skin and gives me a nice finish.

Overall I really do like this trio and I most likely will repurchase the items once I run out.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza


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