The Balm Meet Matte Trimony Palette

The Balm came out with a second all matte eye shadow palette. The palette is full of neutral matte shades that can work on anyone. After receiving the shade Matt Moskowitz in my Julys Ipsy bag I knew I needed the palette.

I really do like every shade in this palette. They all work well with each other or separately.  The colors are easy to work with and blend out easy when product is applied lightly. One of the first times I used this palette I made the mistake of putting too much product on my brush and I didn’t tap off the excess. When I went to put the shadow on it made a mess and didn’t blend out easily. Now I start off lightly then gradually build the color and it works perfect for me this way.


These matte shades make me so happy! Matt Reed is a great chocolatey brown color and Matt Kumar is a great burgundy shade. I like that Matt Kumar is not extremely pigmented because it allows you to build up the color to the intensity that you want. I find some reds can be intimidating to use because they are so pigmented, but this shade is perfect for people who don’t want something very pigmented at first or someone who is just getting into using more colors.


Thanks for checking out my blog. Let me know what else you want me to review or try out.

Xoxo, Claritza


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