NYC Eyeshadow Palette

NYC and Demi Lovato collaborated and came out with a few new products. The only product I picked up was the eyeshadow palette. It’s definitely hit or miss with drugstore palettes so I decided to give this one a go. Keep reading to see if I think this product was a hit or miss!


By looking at the palette I loved the colors. When I first swatched the eye shadows they crumbled a lot and had lots of fallout. The shadows went on smooth when I swatched them on my arm. I applied the matte shadows and they blended out easily. I made sure to apply a base and set the base with a translucent powder to make the shadows were easier to blend. The shimmer shadow applied patchy and and were hard to get a full coverage. All the shadows had fallout. img_8127

I knew these weren’t high end eyeshadow so I wasn’t expecting amazing quality. These shadows I wasn’t a fan of. The overall palette was a miss for me. I will probably continue to use the matte shadows but not the shimmers they were too messy and I didn’t like the way they looked when I applied them on my lids.

Let me know your thoughts on this palette and other ways to get this palette to work better.

Xoxo, Claritza


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