New E.l.f. Palettes!

E.l.f. has came out with new palettes! Each palette is only $6 with the exception of the total face palette which is $8. They are pigmented and soft. All palettes apply and blend out easily. Every palette has light to dark shades which can work with almost all skin tones. I love the compact they come in which includes a mirror.

Contour Palette-It has one shimmer and 3 mattes. These colors are a perfect combination for my skin.I use this palette mainly when I want a natural contour but if I pack on the darkest shade I can achieve a chiseled contour. I’ve had no issues when blending out the formula and it did not give me a patchy finish.

Blush Palette-Light-The colors are gorgeous! This palette also comes in dark, but I like these colors better for me and my skin tone. When using this palette a little goes a long way. I like to mix the second and third colors together to get a more warmer blush shade. The last color I apply lightly because the blush can become too much very quickly.

Total Face Palette-This palette is a combination of all the palettes. It has one bronzer, highlight and two blushes. Palettes like this are my favorite to travel with or to throw in my purse to touch up during the day because everything I need is included. All the shades are different from the other palettes. The bronzer and blushes are matte. This bronzer is great for contouring and the blushes are light and give the skin a natural color to the cheeks.

Bronzer Palette-This palettes has 2 mattes and 2 shimmers. It is great for contouring or adding warmth to the face. I use this to do both with. Today I used it to warm up my face because I went a little heavy on the setting powder, but lets face it summer is here and I need to control these oils! It helped to get rid of any white cast that was left from the setting powder and it gave me a natural finish back to my skin.

Illuminating Palette- I really like this palette because it is different from the highlights that I currently own. These are not frosty. They give more of a subtle sheen to the face, the glow looks more like it is coming from your skin rather than from a highlight.  It looks more natural on the face which is great for those more natural days, but if you want a strong frosty highlight you can see from space I wouldn’t use these. I have tried to pack on this highlight and although it gives a great glow to the skin it will not give off a frosty highlight like some others can.

Let me know what else you guys want to see on my blog!

Xoxo, Claritza


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