Wet n Wild Review

Wet n Wild has recently been stepping up their makeup game by far. I use to use some of their products when I was younger but they have reformulated old products and they have also released many new products. Here is a review of some new products from Wet n Wild.


Under the Sheets makeup remover wipes-These wipes are amazing!  I have had issues trying to find wipes that I like and that don’t irritate my skin, I have finally found them. They are moist and not too dry, however they dry faster than other wipes once they are out of the package and being used. It takes off all my makeup and removes any shimmer or glitter on my face. They have a fresh scent and leaves no greasy residue after I use them.

Come Correct Celebrity Concealer-Medium Golden. This concealer blew me away. It covered blemishes, imperfections and red spots. After I set it with powder it stayed and did not crease. The formula is a little watery but it made the product easier to blend into the skin.

Felt Tip Eyeliner-Easy to use liner. It has a thin tip which makes it easier to achieve a thin line and wing. It’s shorter than most eyeliner that gives more control over the eyeliner.

Brow Highlighter-This highlight scared me when I first applied it to my brow bone. It was very pigmented and creamy. I was not sure the color would blend out. I used the Wet n Wild concealer brush to blend out the highlight and it blends out very easily. It left me with a bright brow bone. It does have a pink undertone to the color, but does not show up pink. It also helps to clean up the brow bone and cover up any stray eyebrow hairs.

Highlighting & Concealing Pen-Posing Nude. This products helps to conceal blemishes and red spots, but still doesn’t give as full of a coverage as the celebrity concealer. It does help to brighten up my face and give a natural highlight. This products blends out easily.

Velvet Matte Lip Color-Hickory Smoked. This lip color is creamy and goes on smooth. I was assuming it would be a dryer formula since it is a matte, but this product is not dry. It is matte when it is on the lips. It last for a few hours before wearing off. It does transfer when eating or drinking something. I will be buying more colors in the future.

Shimmer-Boozy Brunch. This shimmer gives a golden highlight to my face. It gives a glow and blends in to my skin. It does not just sit on top of my skin, which can sometimes leaves harsh lines.

Contour Stick-Medium/Tan. I chose to get the darker shade because the highlight on the lighter shade looked too white for me. The color is perfect for my skin tone. The pigment is great and the creaminess on this products is amazing. It blended out very easily I tried using the Wet n Wild stippling brush and I did like it, but I prefer to use the Real Techniques complexion sponge to blend out the contour and highlight.

Coloricon Metallic Liquid Lipstick-This lipstick is very metallic! I love the color, but I wouldn’t wear it alone because its too metallic for me. It is perfect to dab on the center if the lips and blend out to give an extra pop to the lips! The applicator is curved which helps to apply the liquid lipstick better.

Top: My Tulips are Sealed

Bottom: Peony Express

Mega glo highlight stick -The colors on all these highlights are gorgeous! There is a color to match every skin tone. I found the best way to apply these highlights are to rub some onto the finger than dab onto the cheekbones. I tired using a brush and also dabbing it onto the cheekbones from the stick but I did not like the finish it gave me or the way it applied.

Top to Bottom: Marigold Round, Light up my High-Biscus, Carnational Anthem

The metallic liquid lipstick and the highlight sticks are limited edition so get them while you can!



Top to Bottom:Velvet Matte lip color in Hickory Smoked, Ultimate Brow Highlighter, Felt tip Eyeliner in Black and Shimmer in Boozy Brunch


Brushes-I have tried out 7 of the brushes and I like them all. They do have more in stores. The bristles are soft and apply makeup great! The brushes have a indention in them that helps give a better grip when using them. These brushes are $1-$3. For the quality of these brushes I would have even paid more for them.

Xoxo, Claritza


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