Morphe Contour Palette

The Morphe Contour palette is a great palette for almost all skin tones. It has a variety of different highlight and contour shades and one shimmer highlight shade. I used the Morphe E8-Detail Contour to apply and blend out the contour. The size of the brush fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheeks and makes getting a cleaner contour easier.


The formula is creamy and blends out easy. The shades are pigmented and show up on the skin. Sometimes contour shades tend to disappear into the skin and not give any color payoff. With this palette even if the skin tone is similar to the shade it still shows up on the skin. The sizes of each pan is large, I was not expecting it to be as large as it was(but I’m not complaining). The highlight is gorgeous!




Morphe has great quality products for such an affordable prices. I can’t wait for my order to come. Once it comes in I will review Morphes new 35F Fall into Frost palette.

Xoxo, Claritza


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