New Tarte Goodies!

Recently I tried out a few new products from Tarte, before this I only have used the Tartelette palette. Here is a review on 6 different products from Tarte that I have tried out.


Clay pot liner in black- this is by far my favorite pot eyeliner. The formula is very creamy and it allows to the liner to glide onto my eyelid making applying liner so much easier.

Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara- This mascara has short and long bristles to get the best results out of the mascara. The shorter side is to coat all the lashes including the smaller lashes that are hard to grab. The longer side is to go over all the lashes once they already have mascara on them. When first trying out the mascara I did not think that the different bristles would make a difference, but it surprised me because it did make a difference. After trying it out the mascara really helps to coat my smaller lashes and elongated them while also adding volume. I have been using the mascara everyday for the past week.

Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in the shade blissful- When I first opened the package I thought it was going to be too pink. The blush goes on light and more color can always be added. I really like the color payoff on this blush. In order to gain more color I did have to reapply a few more times than I would have liked, but I noticed this more when I was swatching the blush and not applying it to my face. When I wore it on my cheeks I only went over the blush twice.

Amazonian butter lipstick in the shade plummy rose- The formula is definitely buttery and glides when applying it. I The shade is a little on the sheer side, it can be build able to a less sheer lipstick.  This color is great with or without makeup. It’s perfect for everyday wear. I found that it didn’t dry out my lips when wearing it all day or reapplying the lipstick.


Top-Blush in Blissful. Bottom-Lipstick in Plummy Rose.

Creamy powder foundation-I wore the foundation by itself and I also used it over a liquid foundation. When I wore it alone it lasted about 4 hours before the oils on my face started wearing it down. I would wear it like this on a no makeup day where I’m just wanting to even out my skin tone because it has a light coverage. Putting it over a liquid foundation allowed it to stay on longer and gave me more coverage. I like it over a powder better it also makes my skin look smoother and sets my powder without making my face look too powdery.

Swirl Powder brush-I have been wanted this brush for a while and I finally decided to buy it. At first it was a little bit stiffer and rough on my face. Im hoping after a few washes it will softer, most brushes do soften after more use and washes when they are initially on the rougher side. This brush is larger than I though when I used it at first. It covers a large portion of my face at once. It is too large to contour with although the shape of it would be perfect for contouring. It is great for applying blush and face powder. I have used it for the Tarte blush and powder foundation and I like the way it applies both.


I will order more from Tarte in the future I like the quality of the products and all their products are cruelty free. My next purchase from them will be the Tartelette in bloom palette.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Claritza




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