New Makeup Brush Review

Many people have been talking about the Artis brushes. There has also been more people using other brushes similar to the Artis brushes that are for a fraction of the price because a full set of Artis brushes can run from $300-$400. I decided to finally purchased brushes similar to the Artis brushes because of all the hype and attention they have been getting on social media. I purchased my set from Groupon, the bristles are extremely soft and are made of nylon.

I used all the brushes to apply my makeup like I would any other day and I was impressed on how well they worked. The large brush applied my foundation without any streaking and gave me an even coverage. I used the smaller oval brushes to apply my powder, blush, contour and highlight. The bristles are densely packed which gave me good coverage of my powder without having to reapply it. The blush went on smooth and the powder contour blended out easily. Since the brushes are angled it gives a precise contour without needing to clean it up. When I first applied the highlight it went on as one big streak and I had to blend a lot for it to look natural. With the other brushes I do not have to blend as much.

The small circle brushes I used for eye shadow and to conceal blemishes. I did not like using it for my eye shadow it didn’t give me a smooth application (I don’t think my current blending brushes could ever be replaced). However the other brush was perfect to blend out concealer and cover blemishes.

The thin brushes are perfect to blend out eye shadow on the lower lash line and with practice I was able to apply eyeliner without having it too thick, but if I want a thiner line I would have to use a different brush because these brushes make the line slightly thicker than I normally wear.

Overall I do like these brushes, but they are not my favorite in my collection. I will incorporate the brushes I used for foundation, blush, concealer and lower lash eye shadow into my everyday routine.

Xoxo, Claritza


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