How I clean my makeup brushes!

When it comes time to wash makeup brushes it is everyones least favorite part about wearing makeup.


When I first started washing my brushes I would use a mild hand soap or bare minerals brush conditioning shampoo and my hand, no other tools and I hated it because after washing all the brushes my hands would get wrinkly and dry. Not to mention it took forever!

Then I started using the brush egg that I bough on for $1. It cut down the time it took me to wash my bushes and it gave them a deeper clean than before. My hands would still get wet and dry out. After all washing brushes is still a chore no one likes to do. A little after I started using the brush egg. I bought the Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile soap (thank you to lustrelux) at target. They have different scents but I decided to get the hemp baby unscented and it cleans so many things around the house. I absolutely love this product.


Once again I was on and I came across a makeup brush washing mit for $8 I was sold! It’s cheaper than the Sigma one by far. This mit is by far the best tool I have used to wash my brushes. It cleans by brushes faster than the brush egg. My brushes come out cleaner than they ever have before. The mit and the Dr. Bronner’s soap has made cleaning brushes less of a chore!

To clean my brushes I get the mit wet then I add a little bit of soap and rub the brush over the different textures of the mit. One side is for face brushes while the other side is for eye brushes. Once the brush is all clean I squeeze out the extra water from the brush between the thumb and it also doubles to help reshape the brush.

*Disclaimer- The mit I purchased does have the Sigma logo on it, however when I purchased the mit it did not say it was a Sigma product therefor I truly do not know if it is a Sigma product or a replica and I would never want to give false information.

Xoxo, Claritza



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