Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop has been a favorite brand of mine for the quality of the products and the price. Not to mention the cute packaging. I have been putting off buying products from them for no reason at all, but once they hit 1 million subscribers on Instagram they came out with a limited edition pink lipstick that I fell in love with, so I had to buy it.



I bought 2 creme gel colours and 3 creme gel liners.The formulas on these products are AMAZING! Colourpop can never do anything wrong. The gel colours go on very smooth and are very pigmented. I was not expecting to get so much pigment from the colours or the liners. For the liners I wore each of them on my waterline and they lasted all day. When the black started to fade it didn’t run and make me look messy like some eyeliners can do. I got the matching liners to compare the formulas and colors. The shades are the same for the pencils and the gel.

Top to Bottom: Over Board, Swerve,Over Board, Call Me, Call Me


I finally tried the ultra matte lip and the lip liner and I was actually shocked on how much I liked both. I own a few lippie stix so I knew I would like it. When I first tried the ultra matte lip I didn’t think I was going to like it because the formula was watery and when they first came out people had issues with the product actually coming out of the tube when they closed the top, luckily for me I have not had that issue and the formula last all day. The lip liner is the creamiest liner I have ever used and it stays on my lips all day. The shade is perfect nude for my skin tone. These are officially my new favorite lip liners.

Top to Bottom: Lumiere 2, Poppin, Aquarius. Lumiere 2 and Aquarius is the collaboration between Colourpop and Kathleen Lights.


Now for the best part…SWATCHES!!

Top to Bottom: Poppin, Lumiere 2, Aquarius, Over Board, Over Board, Call Me, Call Me, Swerve

XOXO, Claritza


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